Public Holiday Weekend in the UK – Check Out our Vortal-Sponsored Research Paper

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Spanish City of Gijon Selects Vortal eProcurement Platform – Saves 27% Across Tenders

Vortal brings completely new way of managing procurement efficiently and fairly to Spanish city

Building Supplier Involvement in Procurement – look at it from their perspective

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Building Supplier Involvement in Public Procurement – Developing the Community

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Building Supplier Involvement in Public Procurement – a New Spend Matters Briefing Paper

Why you should think about the supplier’s view of your systems

Gartner and Vortal on Strategic Sourcing Suites and the EU eProcurement Mandate

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Implementing the EU eProcurement Mandate – Buy or Build your System?

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Implementing the eProcurement Mandate – Choosing the Right Technology

EU directives require use of eProcurement, but should you buy or build?

The new EU Procurement Directives – useful analysis from Vortal

Help for contracting authorities – understand the key issues

Vortal – eProcurement leaders (and Lead Sponsor)

We review this fascinating technology firm with an interesting range of eProcurement products and services.