UK Prime Minister Wants To Help Small Firms Win Government Contracts

But Albert Sanchez-Graells raises policy issues

Suppliers and Subcontractors to Built Environment Give their Views on Public Sector Contracting

Survey reveals built environment supply chain responses to public sector projects, tendering, and bid opportunities

Small Suppliers and Public Contracts – a Happy Ending to their Stories, We Hope

More inclusive approach piloted for small suppliers and local government contracts

What To Do When … you want to attract more SMEs into the bidding process

How to attract more SMEs into bidding

Public Spend Forum Podcast – The Mystery of the $1 Contract

We told you recently about our relaunch as Public Spend Forum Europe and our relationship with the PSF organisation in the US. Our colleagues there have started a new series of procurement podcasts. That’s something we have considered doing here, and may well do in time. And of course our friend Pedro Telles of Swansea…

News from the Public Procurement Cafe

Stories of public spending in the recent press: SMEs, marketing, CDOs

This Week’s Talk from the Public Procurement Taverna

A few news stories on public sector procurement from around Europe

“Working With Small Suppliers Is Good for the Public Sector”

SMEs are a good contribution to the public sector economy — not everyone thinks so

EC Adopts ESPD to Further Simplify Public Procurement Across the EU

European Single Procurement Document to simplify process for all suppliers and buyers across the EU

SMEs and Public Sector Procurement – An SME’s Perspective (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1 yesterday, Peter Stuttard continues his discussion on SMEs and procurement in the public sector from an SME’s own perspective.  There is a more or less constant downward pressure on the funding, and hence on the manning levels, of procurement organisations; this situation is used to make a case for collective procurement arrangements….