Forget Procurement – We’ve Got Brexit To Sort Out …

UK government extends contracts as Brexit takes priority

Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Negotiations Hitting The Rocks?

The TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) talks have failed, according to the German Economics Minister last week. Sigmar Gabriel, who is also Germany’s vice chancellor, said that the free trade deal forged between the EU and Canada was fairer for both sides. During a question-and-answer session in Berlin he said that “the negotiations with…

Trade-Offs In Public Procurement – Rigour Versus Speed

Trade-offs in public procurement and the detail of the potential conflicts

EC Tells 21 Countries to Move Faster on Implementing “New” EU Directives

Only 7 countries have put national laws in place

Dr Pedro Telles and Dr Richard Craven on the Public Procurement Podcast

Empirical research scores over theoretical?

Scotland Wants Public Procurement to Identify “Good Employers” – A Flawed and Impractical Approach

New guidance is political posturing

Why Does Third-World Competent Public Procurement Matter to International Trade?

The European Commission tells us that public procurement accounts for a substantial €1000 billion per year of world trade. For national economies it can affect up to 25 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and on average it reaches about 16 percent for EU member states. So, the public purchase of goods and services carries…

Procurement Process Flexibility – Great in Theory, Tricky in Practice

New EU rules may cause confusion, even encourage corruption?

Mutuals and the New EU Procurement Directives

Positive but complex rules to allow support for mutuals

The new EU Procurement Directives – useful analysis from Vortal

Help for contracting authorities – understand the key issues