This Week’s News from the Public Procurement Cafe

Public sector stories from around Europe this week

News Stories this Week from the Public Procurement Cafe

What’s been happening down the public procurement bar this week — ECJ, Data Loss and digital access rules

Imposing Social Conditions on Public Contracts — Bristol University Reopens Debate

Bristol University Law Dept and Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells reopen the debate

Talk from the Public Procurement Taverna

It’s Friday, so here is our roundup of stories, information and events we picked up down the (imaginary) procurement cafe/bar/cave/biergarten (according to your location) this week. With well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by governments and public sector bodies, you would think it ought to be done well — not…

Sweden May Introduce Collective Labour Agreements for Public Procurement Contracts

Swedish authorities to follow the example of Denmark, Finland and Norway by including mandatory labour clauses in public procurement contracts.

Fresh Public Contracts Corruption Scandal Hits Italy

Italian police are investigating claims of corruption involving several large public projects, worth a total of €25 billion

Bidding for Public Contracts – Why Don’t More Boards Get Involved?

Don’t rely on “having a good relationship with the senior people” to win you the contract.

Bulgarian SMEs to benefit from new legislation, but GPP must be improved

Bulgaria’s new public procurement act will benefit SMEs, but more needs to be done to support SPP.

Denmark and public contracts – missing opportunities in the single EU market

SMEs winning comparatively few public EU contracts – is it by design?

Minimum wage in public contracts not to be extended to subcontractors in other member states

EU CoJ rules minimum wage not to apply to foreign suppliers