Favourite Articles of 2016: Trade-offs in Public Procurement

Over the Christmas and New Year period, we will be featuring a daily favourite article from each month of this year (2016), which should take us nicely up to January 8th when we assume everything kicks back into gear! In July, we published a popular series looking at some of the key trade-offs in public…

When To Use a Prime Contractor – Thoughts from MOD & Steve Morgan

Ministry of Defence procurement initiatives and the issues affecting its £20 bn spend

Single-Supplier Framework In London – Guaranteeing Value Will Not Be Easy

BT contract win raises some big questions for boroughs

Public Procurement Trade-Offs Should Be Acknowledged and Addressed, Not Ignored

Pretending things are simple helps no-one

Public Procurement Developments in Armenia; Well-Meaning but Poor Practice

Some of the proposals appear infeasible or counter-productive