Human Rights And Business Report – Government Guidance Confusing For Buyers

UK government lacks commitment, could do more in own supply chain

Public Procurement Trade-offs: Policy Goals Versus Value For Money

We wrote here about the trade-offs that we see in public procurement. Whether it is the balance between “policy through procurement” initiatives and more basic value for money, or the trade-off between flexibility and anti-corruption based processes, many aspects of government buying require consideration of those factors. For each of the trade-offs, we are going…

Publish Your Prompt Payment Figures – Or The Mystery Shopper will Get You!

New Procurement Policy Note in UK Defines Publication Requirements

New Irish Party Renua Calls for Public Procurement Reform – We Checked Their Policy – But Not a Word on Procurement 

Renua calls for less centralisation, more social awareness and more use of technology in public procurement

Evidence Based Public Procurement on the Agenda at Wales Procurement Week

Abby Semple at Procurement Week Wales asks: Should have more evidence-based procurement policy?