NAO On Commercial And Contract Management – Organisational Capability

Governance, tools and tech covered under this heading

National Audit Office Best Practice Guidance (Part 5) – Clarify Commercial and Operational Balance

Roles, responsibilities and capability – an area the NAO perceives as generally weak in UK government

National Audit Office Best Practice Guidance (Part 4) – Tailor Capability to Risks & Opportunities

Many of the disasters of public procurement in recent years have been about contract management

National Audit Office Best Practice (Part3) – Properly Develop Commercial Strategy

Capability, resource ad time all important to develop strong strategies

National Audit Office Best Practice (Part 2) – Make Time To Develop Commercial Strategy

But do the politicians understand this?

UK National Audit Office Report – Useful Guidance on Commercial Undertakings (Part 1)

Guidance for anyone involved in contracting and anyone who takes on contract management responsibilities

NAO Report on Commercial and Contract Management

National Audit Office report – interesting, informative and stimulating

Professional Services Contract Goes Wrong – PA Consulting & UKTI Criticised By UK’s Audit Office

Audit highlights confusion over what was being bought

National Audit Office to Examine UK Government Central Procurement Operation

UK National Audit Office examines central purchasing – where should it focus its attention?

Gifts and Hospitality in UK Government – the National Audit Office Reports

Better reporting and more transparency needed?