Newswire Weekly – European Public Procurement Update

Public procurement news stories from around Europe

SELECT for Cities IoE Platform Competition Launched

Invitation to develop an Internet-of-Everything (IoE) platform for open innovation in Europe.

Innovation and Public Procurement – Competition Must Still Be The Norm

Market engagement is rarely enough to justify lack of competition

Berlin European Commission Conference – Procurement of Innovation

How do we encourage entrepreneurs and innovators?

Final Meeting of the EcoQuip Project – Bologna in October

Using innovation procurement to help healthcare

Rewarding Sustainable and Innovative Procurement – Procura+

The Procura+ awards for public procurement innovation and sustainability 2016

This Week’s News from the Public Procurement Cafe

Public sector stories from around Europe this week

This Week’s News from the Public Sector Procurement Cafe

Public sector spending and regulation news across Europe

This Week’s Stories from the Public Procurement Pub

Our roundup of stories from the (imaginary) procurement cafe/bar/cave/biergarten (according to your location)

This Week’s Gossip from the Public Procurement Giardino della Birra

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