Happy Holidays and Useful Reading …

A selection of papers and reports for you to consider

National Audit Office Best Practice (Part3) – Properly Develop Commercial Strategy

Capability, resource ad time all important to develop strong strategies

National Audit Office Best Practice (Part 2) – Make Time To Develop Commercial Strategy

But do the politicians understand this?

Buying Professional Services (Part 2) – What Are We Looking For?

Why do organisations buy professional services?

Risk Aversion in Public Procurement – Part 4

Regulation, cultural issues and incentives under scrutiny

LCTA and Confidence – Guarding Against Low Bidding Failures

Suppliers can cut corners to cut prices

LCTA and Assessing “Value” In Procurement – Tricky but Key

Non-cost factors must represent real vlaue

Trade-offs in Public Procurement – Leverage Versus the Needs of the Customer

A thoughtful approach is needed in every case

Public Procurement Trade-offs: Commerciality Versus Corruption

We wrote here about the trade-offs that we see in public procurement. Whether it is the balance between “policy through procurement” initiatives and more basic value for money, or the trade-off between flexibility and anti-corruption based processes, many aspects of government buying require consideration of those factors. For each of the trade-offs, we are looking…

What To Do When … you want to attract more SMEs into the bidding process

How to attract more SMEs into bidding