Newswire Weekly – European Public Procurement Update

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EC Tells 21 Countries to Move Faster on Implementing “New” EU Directives

Only 7 countries have put national laws in place

Public Procurement Podcasts – Pedro Telles Interviews Grith Skovgaard Olykke on Abnormally Low Tenders

Dr Grith Skovgaard Olykke talks to Pedro Telles about the law on abnormally low tenders and the importance of interdisciplinary research

EU Auditors: More Needs To Be Done To Address EU Public Procurement Errors

Public procurement errors in visited EU member states outlined by Auditors’ report

EU Procurement Directives Encourage ‘Buying Social’

Social enterprises offered greater access to the government contacts

Evidence Based Public Procurement on the Agenda at Wales Procurement Week

Abby Semple at Procurement Week Wales asks: Should have more evidence-based procurement policy?

New EU Procurement Directives: Are We Ready for More Negotiation

Directives bring opportunity for more negotiation — but is the public sector ready?

A concise overview of EU procurement procedures – Best Practice Group

EU directive procurement procedures: a simplistic view of the process flow.

How Bulgaria’s public procurement competitiveness ranking could take a step up

How Bulgarian public procurement and SMEs could benefit from implementation of EU directives