This Week’s News from the Public Procurement Cafe

Public sector stories from around Europe this week

Petra Ferk on Implementing eProcurement in Real Life

Is it all about efficiency – or is there more?

Conversations from the Procurement Café

A roundup of interesting stories we heard about at the (imaginary) procurement bar

Implementing eProcurement – Kenya Runs Into Problems

Regional Governors call for programme to be suspended after multiple issues

Denmark Wins Secretariat to Standardise Public eProcurement in the EU

Danish developers and suppliers of procurement systems could benefit greatly from Denmark’s role.

Public eProcurement Conference – an Overview from Porto

Transposition of directives and interoperability of systems two big topics at event

Implementing the EU eProcurement Mandate – Buy or Build your System?

The answer seems very clear!

Useful Information on EU Regulation Timeframes and Some Practical Advice

Implementation dates and practical suggestions on tricky issues

eProcurement firm Proactis acquires Intelligent Capture Ltd.

UK based eProcurement firm Proactis acquires Intelligent Capture Ltd and develops network and e-invoicing product, Activate.

EU Commission fact sheets on eProcurement benefits

The EU fact sheets on eProcurement benefits – useful information but the benefits appear to be overstated in our view.