EU Keeps an Eye on Italy, France and others for ‘Excessive Imbalances’ in Spending

Italy and France in ‘excessive imbalance’ category for violation of EU rules on economic stability

“Working With Small Suppliers Is Good for the Public Sector”

SMEs are a good contribution to the public sector economy — not everyone thinks so

Serbian and Bulgarian SMEs To Bloom After New EU Funding Plans

EU announces two separate plans to benefit SMEs in both Serbia and Bulgaria

Funding Boost for European Small Businesses

2015 Work Programme has agenda to remove regulatory barriers to investment and increase access to finance for SMEs

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World Economy in its Worst Shape for Two Years

What will this mean for public procurement?

Public Sector Austerity – Are the Good Times Over for Suppliers?

The good times may be over for suppliers to public organisations, as we continue to see public sector austerity biting hard. Most procurement professionals, for most of our careers, have been in a situation where our organisations were likely to spend more with suppliers next year than this year. That’s simply because global economic growth…

PP Files reveal 60 percent of Romanian public procurements hit by complaints

Journalism project highlights flaws and irregularities in Romanian public sector procurement

The European Economy – running into deflationary headwinds?

Recent economic indicators don’t look good for much of Europe