Newswire Weekly – European Public Procurement Update

Public procurement stories on how public money is being spent, hand-picked for you from the European news portals

Newswire Weekly – European Public Procurement Update

Public procurement news stories from around Europe

The Economist on Public Sector Bid-Rigging – Are There Any Answers?

Competition for tenders declining

Transparency International on the Success of the Anti-Corruption Summit

Anti-Corruption Summit – was it a success?

Public Procurement Trade-offs: Commerciality Versus Corruption

We wrote here about the trade-offs that we see in public procurement. Whether it is the balance between “policy through procurement” initiatives and more basic value for money, or the trade-off between flexibility and anti-corruption based processes, many aspects of government buying require consideration of those factors. For each of the trade-offs, we are looking…

Procurement Fraud — In the News Again

Incidences of fraud are rising in the UK and procurement is said to be the biggest source.

Nigeria Arrests Senior Officials on Corrupt Procurement of Arms Charges to Tune of $15 Billion

Nigerian arms fraud of $15 billion leads President to order senior arrests

Public Procurement Podcasts – Pedro Telles Talks to Stephan Litschig on Effect of Increased Audits on Corruption

Study — Does an increased audit risk affect corruption practices?

European Parliament Corruption Study Released — €5 Billion Per Year Related to Public Procurement

Recommendations to help stop corruption from taking place and limit the amount of money lost each year

Pinelopi-Alexia Giosa on Leniency, Competition, Corruption and Debarment

Dilemmas highlighted at procurement research event