Public and Private Sector Procurement – what are the real differences?

What are the differences between procurement in the public and the private sectors? That is something I have often been asked at conferences and events, and in private conversations, over the years. Sometimes the question is focused on differences in process, or the regulations and policy “rules” that govern procurement, or on the skills and…

Vortal – eProcurement leaders (and Lead Sponsor)

We review this fascinating technology firm with an interesting range of eProcurement products and services.

Selling to the public sector – 3 vital lessons for potential suppliers

Selling to the public sector – three vital lessons for potential suppliers.

Should I take a job in public sector procurement? Some thoughts for private sector buyers

Talking to a very senior government procurement executive recently, I was told that their latest recruits included several from the top blue-chip consulting firms.

Welcome to Public Spend Matters Europe

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Keeping up with the kids – a challenge to tech firms

Keeping up with the kids – a challenge to tech firms

New EU Directives – procurement fraud more likely?

The new EU Directives may make procurement fraud and corruption more likely if they lead to less rigour and more subjectivity in the processes.

European Conference on Public e-Procurement and what we learnt that wasn’t in the speeches

On 27th May, the 2nd European e-Public Procurement Conference was held in Lisbon at the Instituto Superior Técnico.  The programme delivered various presentations on e-procurement in the public sector and perspectives were represented from 21 countries around Europe and from the European Commission to discuss the use of technology in public procurement and the challenges…

Market informed sourcing / optimisation – has its time come in the public sector?

Market informed sourcing / optimisation – has its time come?

Sopra / Steria merger reduces outsourcing choice again

The recent merger of two large French outsourcing firms may be positive for the firms involved, but arguably it is not good news for the many public sector organisations who are customers or Steria and Sopra. Technically, it is a friendly acquisition of Steria by Sopra, and the new firm, creatively called Sopra Steria Group,…

Innovation Procurement – what exactly does it mean?

Innovation Procurement has been a hot topic for public procurement for some years. But it is also a confusing topic – we still find practitioners who look at it in three different ways.

Ideas in European Public Procurement Wanted

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