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Nationalism on the Rise – Need To Keep an Eye on Public Procurement

National preference can tip over into protectionism

UK Department May Have Broken Procurement Rules With “Interesting” Evaluation Criteria

Albert Sanchez-Graells gives his views in The Guardian

Professor Sue Arrowsmith on Brexit – What Happens To Public Procurement?

In part 1 of our article about Professor Sue Arrowsmith’s session at the recent Leicester Law School Socially Sustainable Public Procurement event, we looked at her history of “sustainability” in public procurement, and some of her thoughts about the care needed in using such criteria in public procurement decisions. She pointed out that there are…

Professor Sue Arrowsmith and a Bracing View of Sustainable Procurement

Leicester Law School host successful event

Complexities of EU Defence Procurement Relationships – The Matryoshka Doll Effect

Pedro Telles talks to Chief Counsel of Belgian Armed Forces Procurement Division

Future Plans for Wales — Post Brexit

Wales and the implications of UK leaving the EU

Trump, Government Procurement and the Danger of Trade Wars

US firms have much to lose too in Europe

Inequality, Government Contractors, Good Intentions and Impractical Ideas

Jeremy Corbyn proposes unworkable rule on CEO earnings

Package Bids Under the Reformed French Procurement Law: the End of a Dream?

The New Directives and Lotting in France

Nuclear Court Case – Be Careful How You Use Dis-qualifying Thresholds in Tenders

Legal challenge highlights issues