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Public Procurement Podcast no. 23 – Mari Ann Simovart

What is allowable as a “contract modification”?

What To Do When … the person sitting opposite you doesn’t want to negotiate!

For your holiday reading — thinking about negotiation

Trade-Offs In Public Procurement – Rigour Versus Speed

Trade-offs in public procurement and the detail of the potential conflicts

US Government Procurement Survey – Some Familiar Findings for Europe

US government procurement survey digs up findings that European buyers and bidders can relate to

New Study from the Volcker Alliance Sounds Alarm for Public Procurement to Narrow Competency Gaps

New research is a competency model for public procurement professionals

Skilled People Needed For UK / EU Negotiations – Training Not “Natural Ability” Please!

Brexit discussions must make use of the right people

Public Procurement Podcasts – Pedro Telles Talks to Carlos Arrebola of Cambridge University

Pedro Telles talks to Carlos Arrebola of Cambridge University on the Advocate General’s influence on the EU Court of Justice rulings

The Public Procurement Workforce – Filling the Competency Gap

A report on public procurement competencies is expected to be released later this month

Why Politicians Don’t Want To Know Everything ….

With thanks to the creators of “Yes Minister”!

Anne Rung from the White House Speaks at Spend Matters Summit – Plans and Achievements

Category Management comes to the US Federal Procurement World