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EU Procurement Rules Violations in Malta, Northern Ireland and Hungary  

A number of public authorities have breached EU Procurement Rules when awarding contracts

Framework Agreement Simplifies Swedish Digital Services Procurement

Sweden has introduced a framework agreement which aims to make it easier for public authorities to offer digital services

How We Can Improve Procurement of Innovation, What the EAFIP Project Will Do To Help  

The tenth episode of Dr Pedro Telles’ Public Procurement Podcast, Dr Ramona Apostol discusses how we can improve procurement of innovation.

Single Market Strategy: Better Data Collection and Remedies Systems Needed in Public Procurement

EC says better data collection and remedies systems are needed to improve public procurement

France’s Proposed “Made in EU” Labels Polarise Drug Suppliers

Pharmaceutical companies in France may soon be able to label medicine packaging to show if the contents were made in the EU

European Commission Will Integrate Green Public Procurement into New Circular Economy Package

A new circular economy package being developed by the European Commission will include “targeted action” in public procurement as well as “major” funding for innovation.

New Laws Encourage Hungarian Suppliers To Prioritise Competition Compliance

Hungary has introduced strict new legislation which will automatically disqualify companies from public procurement tenders

Scotland Sets Example for European Nations on Efficient Public Spending and Fair Work Practices

European countries are learning from procurement methods in Scotland

Eco-Friendly Furniture Buying Tool Aims To Boost Cities’ Sustainability

Cities can reduce energy consumption by up to 15.5%, waste consumption by 10.8% and their impact on global warming by up 26.5%