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Survey of US Government Procurement Professionals – Findings Will Ring True with Europe Too!

Yesterday, June 20, data intelligence firm Onvia released its second annual Survey of Government Procurement Professionals. This is a US-based report, but as we said last year “while this survey garners intelligence from 500-plus government procurement professionals and agencies in the US, its results are rather telling and are a good benchmark for government practitioners in Europe too. It is useful insight for both buyers and sellers in the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace.”

This year it canvasses 668 government procurement professionals and garners intelligence about progress in key areas of purchasing, from vendor recruitment to turnaround times to quality of service. It is designed for use by “the entire business-to-government (B2G) community, both agency procurement professionals and the government contractors and vendors that sell to these agencies and seek to better understand their customers.”

As we said about the last report, it is a very well laid-out report and easy to navigate. Each section shows two sets of findings: one from the perspective of government professionals and one from the contractor or vendor. So it’s easy to see which implications are relevant to you. It holds lots of interesting analysis and gives some useful recommendations (wherever you are based).

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