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Election Called In The UK

Dateline: 1145hrs, Tuesday April 18th

Jane (my wife, enters office) – Have you heard? Theresa May has called an election for June 8th!

Me (having been on a conference call for last 40 minutes) – No!  I saw something was happening earlier. But that’s great news!

Jane – Why? We’re sick of elections!

Me – Yes, but it gives us stuff to write about for the next six weeks on our websites …

And indeed it does. In fact, after the election too, we will have analysis both here and on our Spend Matters website. Soon we can see what the political parties are saying in their manifestos. Are there any interesting ideas about public procurement? Thoughts on Brexit and what that might mean for trade, business and procurement?

Already we see some effects. The pound is up, stock market down (much of its strength recently has been due to the weak pound). So we’ll be keeping an eye on developments on the coming weeks – as well as debating who on earth we’re voting for this time around …