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This Week’s News from the Public Procurement Cafe

Here’s our Friday roundup of news picked up in the (imaginary) public procurement cafe/bar/cave/biergarten (according to your location) — recent public sector stories, snippets and information from around Europe. Well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens is being spent by governments and public sector bodies, so it’s good to pick up on stories on how it’s being spent.

Do click through and read the full articles that interest you – some of them we will come back to in greater detail in due course.

European Employment Marketplace – Uncertainty raises temp market?

Law firm, Bird&Bird, has recently begun the series  “A European View on Employment Law” – this week they have covered France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Nordics and UK. For each country they explain the nuances of employment law, and sometimes come up with some interesting stats, like: In Germany, 40% of newly concluded employment contracts are concluded for a limited term, 30% will be renewed and 40% will switch to unlimited terms. In the Nordics, 80% of the workforce are covered by collective bargaining agreements. In Spain, more than 90% of employment contracts taken out in May were temporary. What does that tell us about uncertainty in the workplace, we wonder. It’s a great series – do take a look here.

Boeing invests in UK

American aerospace giant, Boeing, has announced its investment in the UK. It plans to increase the number of opportunities for UK companies to bid on its contracts and make the UK its defence export base for Europe and the Middle East, its defence training base and its repair base. “The aim of the initiative is to create the opportunity for UK companies to double their supply work with Boeing and to win higher proportions of content on future Boeing aircraft,” said a spokesperson. Employment numbers will also rise. This follows news that Boeing signs £3bn deal for nine marine patrol planes and Boeing agrees surveillance aircraft deal with UK.

EU told to simplify procurement red tape

Public Finance International writes: the EU is urged to streamline and simplify procurement red tape. “Public procurement by the European Union is mired in red tape and efforts should be made to help businesses identify contracting opportunities and submit tenders …” The report, published by the European Court of Auditors, found “complex and opaque” procedures, which could deter businesses from bidding for contracts. The full article is here.

Poland — important amendment to public procurement law

“On 11 July 2016 the President signed an amendment to the Public procurement law introducing changes as required by the new EU Directives on public procurement (Directive 2014/24/EU) and utilities contracts (Directive 2014/25/EU). Ultimately, Poland has decided to implement the new Directives as an amendment to the existing Public procurement law, in force since 2004, and not as an entirely new Act.” Lexology has the story.

Report on public procurement in EU institutions – Audit Report

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has published its special report “The EU institutions can do more to facilitate access to their public procurement” on Wednesday 13 July, in 23 EU languages. It identifies shortcomings in the process of accessing and bidding for EU contracts by businesses and makes recommendations for improvement. The report is available here.