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This Week’s News from the Public Sector Procurement Cafe

It’s Friday so we’ve been in the (imaginary) public procurement cafe/bar/cave/biergarten (according to your location) where we picked up recent public sector stories, snippets and information from around Europe. Well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens is being spent by governments and public sector bodies, so it’s good to pick up on stories on how it’s being spent.

Do click through and read the full articles that interest you – some of them we will come back to in greater detail in due course.

Wales publishes workforce code of practice for fairer treatment

The Welsh government has announced “A revised code of practice on workforce matters, commonly known as the ‘Two-Tier Code’, has been published. The new Code is based on the on the fair treatment of transferring staff and the treatment of staff working alongside transferred staff. A Procurement Advice Note and model contract terms has also been published. These are a starting point for public bodies to apply the Code provisions in contracts, which could be tailored to suit local needs if necessary.” The website has links to the documents for download.

Guide to implementing public procurement of innovation published

Procurement of innovation (PPI) has published a guide by the EU-funded PAPIRUS project, providing a basic introduction on how to implement public procurement of innovation and gives recommendations based on the experience of the PAPIRUS project partners. The document has practical tips which can be used directly. It helps with organising and planning for PPI,conducting a dialogue with the market, implementing tenders, carrying out an evaluation, and more. The PPI website has a fuller explanation.

Work-shy civil servants in Italy can be sacked under new law

The Local explains that the Italian Prime Minister has this week announced the “good times are over” for public sector workers who serially abuse time. Many civil servants have been caught on camera going about personal business after clocking on at work, some even going back to bed.  The ‘time cheats’ came to light last October and now the cabinet has passed a law to make it easier to sack these public sector staff. The website has the full story on this serious waste of public money.

Public procurement law gets overhaul in Poland

Poland has begun legislative processes to “overhaul the Public Procurement Law Act to ensure implementation of applicable EU law,” according to wbj. One shift will be towards “protecting competition, ensuring transparency and curbing public spending towards strengthening the drivers of development.” Targeted areas are the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), the tender evaluation model, and innovation. There’s more here on the website.

Welsh high school told stop using school funds to subsidise non catchment transport

“A school in Powys has been given two years to comply with council rules which ban the use of school funds to transport pupils from outside the catchment area.” says the BBC. This follows an investigation that showed £460,00 had been spent unwisely over a five-year period, money which the report says should have spent on education. Initially the school was told “… it would have to repay £17,000 into the school budget and comply with the council’s transport policy by this September.” The bbc website has the full story.