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We’re Public Spend Forum Europe Now! Welcome …

You may have noticed some changes in our website, largely cosmetic at the moment but significant nonetheless. Public Spend Matters Europe has become – Public Spend Forum Europe.

We’re very excited by this and whilst you won’t see too many immediate changes, we think and hope this is a notable change and a big day for us and for our readers. (And lots more new readers too, we hope). However, we will continue with broadly the same mix of articles as previously, although that may change slightly in time too.

So what exactly is PSFE, as we will have to get used to calling ourselves? We are the European arm of Public Spend Forum, which was founded in the USA in 2013 but then relaunched with a whole new vision last year.

Jason Busch, the founder of Spend Matters, is involved, but PSF is very much the brainchild of Raj RajSharma (pictured here – his office is very close to the White House, pictured above!) Over the last ten years Raj has built Censeo Consulting into one of the leading consulting firms in the US government market, with a focus on helping Federal and other bodies to improve procurement performance and other related areas. Raj is also involved in various not-for-profit activities, as well as having two small and energetic sons (and a wife, I should add!)

PSF is only loosely connected to Censeo however. PSF is a separate venture for Raj and the team involved. He will be writing here about his vision for PSF shortly, but he has big objectives; basically, he wants to help governments and markets work together more successfully to deliver value and successful outcomes for citizens, taxpayers and … well, everyone really!

“A global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market” is the headline description of what PSF is about.  That means addressing some pretty fundamental issues ranging though market imperfections to skills issues in public procurement. Now this clearly is not a short-term or simple task; but you have to start somewhere, and Raj is a man of both vision and tenacity, we have already discovered.

PSF in the United States has already started initiatives covering skills development, networking and benchmarking for senior public sector procurement professionals, and provision of relevant information for buyers and sellers. So as well as this website, we will be looking to develop some of those ideas and initiatives this side of the Atlantic too. Look out for more announcements on that shortly.

And we will be looking to up our engagement with readers, with more guest articles, and links to any interesting outputs coming from the US – and of course our colleagues there will look to us in Europe for ideas and input too. Stay tuned as PSFE develops and we really appreciate your continued interest and support.