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EU-Funded Innovation Procurement in the Healthcare Sector – A Workshop

The Horizon 2020 funding programme is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. Under this umbrella the European Commission has supported a number of eHealth projects exploring the use of innovation procurement to create viable markets for innovative goods and services. To date more than 15 ‘CSA’ (Coordination and Support Action), ‘PPI’ (Public Procurement of Innovative solutions) and ‘PCP’ (Pre-Commercial Procurement) projects have been supported in the field of health and eHealth, with more coming on stream in 2016.

The European Commission (DG Connect) and the EPP eHealth project will be hosting a stakeholder workshop to explore how to make better use of European funded innovation procurement in the healthcare sector. It will be a practical and case-study-based workshop for anyone interested in finding out more about innovation procurement in practice, collaborative procurement initiatives and future funding opportunities in H2020 for PPI and PCP projects. There’s more here on the EPP Health website.

The workshop is specifically designed for:

  • Participants in existing European funded eHealth/healthcare projects concerned with the use of innovation procurement
  • Public sector health and care organizations interested in participating in future PPI, PCP or CSA projects
  • Suppliers of health technology solutions (e.g. eHealth or medical devices) and innovation

It runs from 11th to 12th May in Brussels to provide an “opportunity for European funded procurement projects and a wide European community of public health and care procurers to come together, share their experience of implementing innovation procurement projects and together identify how this important area of work can be strengthened through collaborative learning and action in the future. It will facilitate a discussion among demand and supply side stakeholders to discuss barriers, enablers and mobilization of the market to address common unmet needs.”

Day 1 will cover ‘Healthcare challenges and the under-exploited role of innovation procurement (PPI/PCP)’ and Day 2 will be a peer learning wokshop (half a day).

Full details and registration can be found here.