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Conversations from the Procurement Café

It’ Friday, so here is our roundup of interesting stories we picked up down the (imaginary) procurement cafe/bar/cave/biergarten (according to your location) this week. With well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by governments and public sector bodies, you would think it ought to be done well — not always! as we found out.

Do click through and read the full articles that interest you – some of them we will come back to in greater detail in due course.

Washington DC: $200 million on trams and they still don’t run

Dr Pedro Telles, senior university lecturer in law, specialising in public procurement, has appeared many times on Public Spend Matters Europe with his excellent public sector podcast interviews: here he is highlighting a failed attempt by Washington DC to repair “a dysfunctional transit project that has cost the city $200 million and is nine years late.” A story public procurement professionals everwhere will understand.

Ireland — “… the whole public procurement policy in this country is just skewed.”

Calls for a major changes to public procurement procedures, like major infrastructural works such as flood relief schemes, is reported by The Irish Times, following serious flooding this month after major infrastructure project delayed owing to processes too open to legal challenge. “The whole public procurement policy in this country is just skewed – it needs to be revisited and it needs to be made more robust because it’s very open to legal challenges which in our case has cost us the bones of a two year delay.”

Is any job safe from the transformative power of work intermediaton platforms?

An interesting read from The Art of Procurement featuring Spend Matters own Andrew Karpie talking about the transformative potential of work intermediation platforms, and how they will enable greater organisational efficiencies and a move to flexible cost structures, and how procurement professionals should have an open mind on this shift, consider the implications and how they can best position themselves — because the change is coming.

Getting the most out of e-procurement platforms

Informative interview from with SVP of Procurement Solutions at Ivalua, a global provider of spend management solutions, to get inside knowledge about how eInvoicing and eProcurement platforms really reduce costs, create efficiencies, and add value to the B2B supply chain — a line much bandied by the B2B payments software providers.