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Procurement of Innovation Award – A Close Competition (Part 2)

Continung our look at the finalists that made the shortlist in the procurement of innovation awards:

Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands

Rijkswaterstaat Nehterlands is the ministry of infrastructure and the environment responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the country. This includes the main road network, the main waterway network and watersystems. To enhance innovation in river maintenance the Rijkswaterstaat programme Self Supporting River Systems (SSRS) has designed a ‘Learning Space SSRS’ as part of the maintenance contract for the river IJssel and the canal Twentekanaal.

River management is becoming more and more complex owing to climate change and the many demands on the water system, and so Rijkswaterstaat needs to make the best use of innovation. The main contract consists of dredging the fairway, maintenance of sluices, pumping station, installations and river banks with vegetation. The innovative part of the maintenance contract is participation in a Learning Space between government, contractor and a knowledge institute. The goals of the Learning Space are processing a continuous stream of innovative ideas and projects, sharing knowledge and experience between knowledge institutes, supliers and contracting authorities. The MEAT criteria for the selection of the contracting parties of the procurement were not based on proposals for actual innovations but on the proposed approach of the co-creation of innovation in the Learning Space. The project team of the Learning Space assesses the ideas, consults speecialists, decides to further research, makes business cases and starts pilots. The key supplies were BAM, Van den Herik and Deltares.

Galician Public Health Service

The Galician Public Health Service (Servizo Galego de Saúde, SERGAS) is the publicly funded healthcare system of Galicia, Spain. It initiated the procurement of ‘InnovaSaude’ and ‘Hospital 2050′ innovation programmes in 2011 to promote technology and innovation in healthcare, especially for the elderly. In these procurement processes the Galician Public Health Service asked the market for solutions to foster a safe, fast and intelligent patient-centred healthcare system, to improve intra-hospital processes and also to create new services that should enable the development of a “hospital of the future”. asked companies and researchers to suggest ways of improving healthcare, especially for older people.

The initiatives received 235 proposals, 180 international and SMEs, and 55 from R&D entities. The ideas not only benefit older patients, but are a boost to businesses and research, particularly in the Galicia region. This resulted in the award of 33 different contracts that have created an infrastructure to support innovation projects to evaluate and validate new heath products and services. Key suppliers were Bahia Software S.L. and others.

Many thanks to the Procurement of Innovation Platform for sharing this information and to Wouter Stolwijk, Director of PIANOo and PPI judge for sharing his views on the award criteria with us.