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Welcome to Public Spend Matters Europe

Welcome to the official launch of Public Spend Matters Europe!

We’re delighted you have got this far as a reader, and hope you will be a regular visitor. You might also like to comment on the articles, and some of you will we hope become writers for us too. If you are interested in doing that, please use the contact form or drop us an email at psmith(at)

We want to provide a website that brings together information, opinion and news aimed at procurement professionals, policy makers, academics and suppliers who share an interest in how public sector procurement across Europe is carried out. We have broadly split our areas of interest into six topics:

  • Regulation & Policy
  • People & Skills
  • Tools and technology
  • Supply side (suppliers to the pubic sector)
  • Sector new (health, central government, etc)
  • Good practice

We hope that covers just about everything of interest, and we will publish new articles every working day on these topics, so do visit regularly.

This is the latest in the Spend Matters family of websites – more details are here of the range of sites the wider group operates from the US and Europe. Tens of thousands of professionals read our sites every day to get knowledge, information and insight about our wonderful world of procurement and supply chain management !

If you become a regular reader, you will notice that we are different from many websites because we do not just report news and repeat press releases. Because our sites are written by people who are deep experts in their field, we offer real opinions, advice and insight. We are not afraid of criticizing and saying what we think, but we are also committed to doing what we can to help improve the performance of procurement generally and public procurement specifically – which would benefit all of us. Personally, I worked as a Procurement Director in both private and government sectors, and as a consultant for the UK and indeed other European governments over the last ten years. Our Editor, Nancy Clinton, is an experienced editor and publisher who has worked across the IT and procurement sectors.


Nancy Clinton, Editor

Whilst we have a real interest in helping to improver public procurement, we do accept commercial sponsorship and advertising. However, we work on a policy of full editorial independence. Everything you read here reflects our honest views. We are grateful to our sponsors, and particularly Vortal , our “keynote” sponsor here, but we can promise that we do not write anything just because someone has paid us some money!  Again, if you are interested in working with us commercially, just get in touch.

Thanks again for getting this far, and we hope you enjoy the site.

Peter Smith and Nancy Clinton

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